Slide Our mission
is to be the leading solution provider for the recovery of sustainable materials in asphalt shingles.
Our proprietary technology
recovers 100% of the asphalt shingle components, is environmentally sustainable and financially profitable.
The Problem:
Asphalt is petroleum based, energy-intensive to produce and does not biodegrade in covered landfills. The majority of asphalt shingles are deposited into landfills as there is a limited amount of asphalt shingle recycling.
LEARN MORE This presents a unique opportunity for Empower to divert asphalt shingles from disposal in landfills and treat them with our proprietary process.
Slide Asphalt Recycling Solutions: Sand /
/ Paper
LEARN MORE Our component parts are in demand!
Markets already exist for use in new asphalt shingles, construction, industrial applications and in asphalt plants.
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